Penang One Day Trip with Charter Car and Chinese Driver Tour Guide, Airport Chauffeur Service
Penang One Day Trip with Charter Car and Chinese Driver Tour Guide, Airport Chauffeur Service Malaysia Charter Car Travel with Charter Car Selangor, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia Limousine Services, Chauffeur, Tour Service | Summer Limousine Services

We offer not only fair price!


Is the most intimate service!

  • Chartered day tour service, is based on the same model and the number of people to set the price.

Penang Departure - Penang Day Tour (10 hours) Half day tour (5 hours), the attractions you choose, the time you come to set!

  • 5 seat car day trip from RM300 (up to 1-4 passengers) (5 hours a day)
  • 7 seat business car day trip from RM320 (up to 2-6 passengers) (half day 5 hours)
  • 10-18 seat coaches trips from RM350 (up to 5-16 passengers) (5 hours a day)
* Note: After 22:00 pm to 7:00 am, each car plus RM night shift.

Penang gets "the world's 40 best tourist attractions"

Penang, also known as Penang, Penang, asylum, referred to as Penang (Malay: Pulau Pinang, meaning Penang Island, English: Penang) is one of Malaysia's thirteen federal states, located in Malaya Peninsula on the northwest side of the Penang Penang is divided into two parts: Penang and Granville, and Sun Yat-sen's famous Pine can meet in Penang. The east and north of the province are close to the city of Kedah and the southern part of the city of Perak; the western part of Penang Island is opposite to the Sumatra Island in Indonesia. Everbright, Penang Bridge, Paradise Temple and Shengqi Mountain is a famous landmark in Penang. The capital city of Georgetown is Malaysia's second largest metropolitan area.
After the British study, Penang also won the Best Urban Council Award in Europe in 2013. Penang was also selected in 2013 as the "most livable city in Asia," the list, made eighth, also in major cities in Malaysia, ranking first in the economy, attracting major groups to invest. In 2014, Penang received "the world's 40 best tourist attractions" beauty, in the rankings in the eighth place.

For reservations:

1. Please contact the owner before booking to find out if there is any empty car during your trip and provide the following information: number, model, travel date, itinerary, driver and customer meeting time, hotel specific name and address.
2. The drivers who serve you are Chinese and can communicate in Mandarin and English.
3. This fee includes: fares, oil costs, high-speed fees, parking fees. This fee does not include: personal meals, accommodation, attractions tickets and shopping.
4. For guests who wish to pick up at the airport, please inform our customer service or driver for the first time if you have taken off before your flight, and please inform our customer service or driver at the first time after confirming the specific landing time. This guarantee our service quality and your journey is happy, thank you!
5. Because of the particularity of tourism products, if you cancel the order after the order, the deposit will not be refunded, please understand!
* Tips: traffic accidents, car problems, bad weather, parade and traffic congestion caused by the loss of the shop is not responsible, it is recommended that you can buy travel insurance.

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